Urban Patrol Script

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Downloadable Versions
Armed Assault [1.8.2] (requires patch 1.05!)
Last Update: Infantry units will not try to cross waterways anymore
Automatic detection of rotated markers
Constant marker monitoring
Enhanced AI when encountering enemy vehicles
Random positioning of vehicles
Added demo missions

Allows easy creation of randomly patrolling units, with improved AI behaviour.

Setting up a scenario with this script requires only four basic steps:
  1. Create a marker that covers the active area (this is where the AI will patrol).
  2. Place one or more enemy units (or groups) on the map that call the patrol script.
  3. Put in your player's unit/group.
  4. And that's it...
Here's a quick walkthrough for setting up a basic mission:

Some of the features and advanced customization options that are available:

Setup Options

AI Behaviour

Intel Options

Examples of what the patrolling paths of the units look like, and how the improved AI behaviour works.
A car (green) and infantry unit (blue) patrolling Paraiso for about 15 minutes:

AI behaviour after enemy encounter (green path, notice flanking move) :

Setup in Editor
One AI unit (which will be cloned into random positions a few times), the player, and the area marker.
In-game, after about a minute.
The red paths indicate the AI movement.
Player is a sniper in the North. After firing at the AI for a few times, he is then approached via various flanking paths.

Another example of a flanking approach by an AI unit, after being fired at with a silenced gun.
Notice the use of cover during the approach.

Simplified Breakdown of Flanking Process:

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