Moveable Target Range

Application: VBS2 VBS2-Lite ArmA3 ArmA2 ArmA
Download Link: 2.11.0
Last Update: Option to auto-fire weapon when level.
Support of throwable objects
Last Update: Improved ballistics chart
Bulletcam can be aborted
More informative weapon selection dialog
Last Update: Preliminary version for Arma3 Alpha release
Temporary flags and walls have been added
Last Update: Fixed missing ballistics chart
Bulletcam can be aborted
More informative weapon selection dialog
Optional running AI
Last Update: Improved ballistics tracking & data output
Moving targets can be stopped and restarted
Parameter definitions are more user-friendly
Existing map-placed objects can be used as targets
Targets can be made to move
Universal & dynamic weapon selection
All compatible ammo types are supplied with weapon
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Allows flexible setup of targets at predefined distances.

Target distances can be adjusted incrementally in-game.

Any weapon can be selected via a dialog and has unlimited, auto-reloading, ammo.
(For a stand-alone version of the weapon selector, check this page)

A range is created dynamically, relative to the player's position,
with walls and flags to indicate the different distances.

The range can be placed on any terrain to test bullet drop/rise.

The type of targets and their movements are user-definable.

AI targets can be made to run at different speeds.

Static (or "sliding") AI targets will automatically assume different stances.

Downloadable ballistics information can be generated.

Targets can be made to move left & right. Speeds and distance are adjustable.

Any target that is killed is automatically re-created.
There is unlimited ammo available, making even reloading unneccessary.
The distance, impact height and average speed of the projectile is displayed after each shot.
A "bullet cam" option allows following the path of the projectile (image).
A slow-mo mode is available, to simulate a perfect aiming situation.
The landing spot of the fired projectile can be indicated on the map (useful for mortars and grenades).

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