Dynamic Mine Field

Application: VBS2 ArmA
Download Link: 1.6.0
Last Update: VBS2 compatibility update
Allow suppression of trigger creation
1.5.0 Beta
Last Update: Added custom inert mines
Forum Thread: - forums.bistudio.com

Create randomly filled minefields.

All it takes to set up a mine field is a marker to designate the action area, and a call to the script.
With those default options anti-personnel mines will be randomly distributed over the specified area.

Via the customization options the following criteria can be specified:
Mines can be disarmed by soldiers in the qualified classes (Engineers & Special Forces).

If mines end up within the activation radius of each other the explosion of one mine can cause a neighboring one to detonate as well, triggering a chain reaction.

Specific mine fields can be disabled during a mission.

The number of active mines for each mine field is available, to be used in triggers or objectives.

For demonstration purposes the mines are indicated by road cones.

Mines aligned in a grid:

Mine distribution as seen in VBS2's real-time editor:

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